1 Drawing a Day Challenge – Stone Bridge

Day 1: An Old Stony Bridge

17669053_10212461802050060_730817797_oReference: http://artprompts.org/

Once this prompt came up on the screen I immediately had an idea for how I wanted this image to appear. This image isn’t complete however, but I am hoping it will be completed to use in my Portfolio at the end of the year.

I started by drawing in my guide lines to show a rough place where I wanted certain things to go and block out the rough layout of the drawing. I started by drawing in some bricks underneath the bridge and shading to show shadow and depth. I then drew in each brick round the arch and shaded them. I started on the right side of the bridge by drawing a brick, shading, then drawing another and so on. This was to get a true rustic feeling, like it was made with any rock that was there and was made to fit together regardless of the size, I made sure to show this by including rocks of various sizes and fit them in together. I did have bricks on the left side, but they did not fit well with how the others looked so I decided to erase these in order to improve and make them fit with the style and appearance of the others.

This roughly took me about 40 minutes.


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