Synoptic Project – Treasure Island

My group project is to create an interactive VR environment based from the book written by Robert Louis Stevenson.

In this story, written in 1881, tells the story of a boy names Jim and his adventure with Captain Flint’s old pirate crew on their search for Captain Flint’s lost treasure, with only a map to guide them to it’s location. The story ends with the crew finding the lost treasure and swearing to never chase something like this again.

The environment would guide a player to the location of treasure by following a map. Once they reach the treasure, they will dig it up and that will end the VR experience.

The overall look of the environment would be stylized and almost animated. It would follow a similar art style to that of Sea of Thieves. This design is simplistic, as many of the models would be low-poly and would use high to low poly baking and textures for details. This style would make the models easy to produce, meaning more can be created to fill the environment. Applying different textures will help give the illusion of different models. The colour palette is filled with vibrant blues, greens and yellows. This makes it eye-catching and visually attractive.

The MVP of the project is to have the environment complete, as well as generic audio and some intractable objects. Once this is completed, the next objective is to have it playable from start to finish.

My job role is Production Lead. I am in charge of the documentation as well as organizing the SCRUM sessions with the rest of my group. I am also working on the concept art for the game as well as some 3D models.


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