Creative and Technical Modelling 2

I have updated my design of the cyborg arm slightly.

Today I have begun to model the arm. I have started by constructing a low poly version I can take into Mudbox and add further detail to bake down. I followed a YouTube tutorial to get the general arm shape for the base, I then began to modify the model similar to my own design. So far I have added the shoulder plate as well as some wires near the wrist area.

So far I am happy with how the model is turning out. My next step will be to finalize the low poly version and take it into Mudbox.

So far, I feel like I could improve the model by making the wires more relaxed and not as rigid and unrealistic, as they don’t seem to look right on the model and look too stiff. I liked how the shoulder plate turned out, as it was easier than I thought it was going to be.


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